Real, Authentic, And Honest Pricing. Guaranteed.

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Real, Authentic,
And Honest Pricing.

Can You Still Find A Company That
Believes In ‘Old-Fashioned’ Service Values?

YES - Welcome To Homelife Remodeling.

Why Choose Us
  • Friendly, Hands-On Owner Who Cares About The Details
  • You Don’t Pay Anything Until Your Project Is Done
  • We Refuse To Use Cheap, Inferior Products To Increase Profit Margins

Call us old-fashioned if you want to, but we still believe that homeowners should expect high quality products, reasonable prices, and responsive service when it comes to home improvement in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas

It is sad today to see so many companies fail to live up to even basic standards of quality. Even worse, they don’t respond quickly to fix problems with their products and service.

We’re different.

Our owner, Ed Chmar, is laser-focused on customer experience. For example, we absolutely insist on always using quality products that are backed by the best warranties. We also deliver professional installation experience from start to finish – for every single customer. Every. Single. Time.


The Company That Cares

In a world where it can be tough to get even mediocre customer service, we shine. Our owner absolutely insists that we get the all the details right. In fact, he gives customers his direct line for maximum accountability and responsiveness

No Money Down

Many home remodeling companies in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas will talk about ‘quality’ and ‘service’ in a vague way, but do they back it up with action? We are so confident of the quality of our work that we do not take ANY payment until the job is done – and done right. That is a real promise.

Matching Labor Warranty

Speaking of real promises, we also match manufacturer warranties with our own labor warranty. This means that if a product comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty, we give you a labor warranty for a lifetime, too.

Payment Plans That Make Sense

Ready to invest in your home but want to make it easier to afford? For many of our customers, financing is a sensible way to fit a home improvement project into the monthly budget. There are great options you can explore.