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Vinyl Siding

Get an Instant Home Makeover With New High-Quality Siding

If your home's exterior is looking dull and tired, it's time for an upgrade. You can refresh your home's outside appearance with a fresh layer of new siding from Homelife Remodeling. Choosing the right vinyl siding contractors in Severna Park means you'll need to check out their experience and selection of top siding products. Here at Homelife Remodeling, we offer an exclusive vinyl siding product for our customers, CertainTeed Siding.  

Why CertainTeed Siding Is Right for You

  • Unmatched Quality: The materials and the manufacturing process of CertainTeed siding have created a top-quality product that is also durable. When you compare other types of siding with CertainTeed, you'll notice an immediate difference in the look.
  • Environmentally Friendly: CertainTeed siding has made a commitment to using recyclable materials for their products and focusing on making your home greener. Their siding has earned several environmental awards and certifications including Energy Star Partner of the Year and CircleGreen certification.
  • Lifetime Warranty: You don't have to worry about your siding's ability to last with CertainTeed's lifetime warranty on its product. The company stands by its siding and aims to make customers satisfied with their products. Once you choose to install this type of siding on your home, you won't have to worry about replacement later down the road.
  • Gorgeous Looks: Vinyl siding options are plentiful with CertainTeed siding. You get to customize the color, length and style of your siding depending on the look of your home. With a new installation of siding, your home's curb appeal will get a dramatic transformation.
  • Maintenance-Free: The other great thing about the siding products we offer to homeowners is that you don't have to worry about a complicated or time-consuming maintenance schedule. CertainTeed siding is truly maintenance-free.

Installation Is Easy

When choosing Homelife Remodeling as your go-to vinyl siding contractors in Severna Park, you also get the experience and know-how that comes along with a company with a proven track record of results. We aim to make the installation process easy and stress-free. You don't pay for your installation until it's complete and you're satisfied with the results. After our work is done, we also leave you with an additional lifetime warranty on our labor. If you experience any problems with your siding product or the installation, give us a call and we can address your concerns.

Pricing That's Affordable

We also aim to make home remodeling projects much more affordable for our customers. Instead of paying high deposits and fees for our installation and projects upfront, we do our work without requiring a deposit from you. Simply pay us when the job is done, so you can feel confident in choosing one of the top vinyl siding contractors in Severna Park. If you're interested in making your dream home renovation project more affordable, why not consider a payment plan that breaks up the cost over time?

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