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High-Quality Vinyl Siding Is
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Vinyl Siding

A Concise Guide To Siding Options

When you make the right siding choice, you get beautiful, long-lasting siding without paying an outrageous price.

Here is your guide to common siding choices:


Pros: There are some beautiful wood siding choices for Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas. You can stain or paint the siding to your exact specifications.

Cons: Getting high-quality wood siding is expensive. It also requires a lot of maintenance, including regular painting. It is subject to rotting, warping, and insect infestation. You should also factor in long-term maintenance expenses when comparing costs.


Pros: It tends to be less expensive than other choices – at least initially.

Cons: This siding will dent more easily, and does not hold up well over time. For example, it is subject to chalking and can significantly degrade in appearance. Aluminum can end up costing you more when it has to be replaced sooner.


Pros: Many steel siding options look good. Metal siding is not subject to rotting, warping, or infestation.

Cons: Steel siding in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas is too expensive to buy and install. Steel siding can eventually rust – even those with rust protection. Some homeowners complain that it does not shield them from outside noises as well as other types of siding.

Fiber Cement

Pros: A good looking option that is durable.

Cons: This option costs too much for what you get. Often costs twice as much then high-quality vinyl options, and installation costs are also higher.

Low-Quality Vinyl

Pros: It is cheaper up-front.

Cons: It has a cheap plastic look, is more subject to chalking and fading, and you have less choices of colors and styles. It cracks more easily than other siding options. You will also have to pay to replace it sooner.

High-Quality Vinyl

Pros: This is the solution for homeowners that want great looking siding in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas… at a reasonable price. It looks beautiful and resists cracking and fading. It won’t warp or rot. Because it is a durable material, you can get an excellent warranty on high-quality vinyl. The color and style selection is wide.

Cons: While still less expensive than Fiber Cement, Steel, and most Wood siding, it will cost more than low-quality vinyl, at least initially.