Real, Authentic, And Honest Pricing. Guaranteed.

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Real, Authentic,
And Honest Pricing.

CertainTeed Siding Instantly Upgrades The Curb Appeal Of Your Home.

CertainTeed Siding

It Also Requires Almost No Maintenance
And Comes With A Lifetime Warranty

There is nothing faster or better than siding if you want to give your existing home a new, fresh appearance. The right siding will also save you tons of time (and money) by virtually eliminating the need for maintenance.

There are also energy efficient choices that will save you money on your energy bills and the enhanced curb appeal of new siding can increase the overall value of your home.

PROOF That We Are A Company You Can Trust

As a house siding contractor in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas, we know the siding industry has a reputation for fly-by-night contractors, shoddy workmanship, and inferior materials that are too flimsy. Knowing that homeowners are wary about siding companies, we decided to do something about it.

At Homelife Remodeling Inc., we don’t take any payment on your siding project until the job is done – and done right. We have the strongest possible incentive to complete a top quality job in an efficient time frame, because we won’t be getting paid a dime until we do!

The other thing we offer is a lifetime warranty on our work. Unlike many home siding contractors in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas, the siding we offer has a lifetime warranty on the product, and we match it with a lifetime warranty on our labor. If at any point (for the entire time you live at your home), a defect or failure occurs because of our installation, we will fix the problem without charge.

CertainTeed Siding Materials –
Beautiful And Rock-Solid Durable

CertainTeed – More Beautiful Than Typical Siding

If you compare the look of CertainTeed Siding to other comparably priced siding options in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas, you will see that it has a more elegant appearance – it does not have that flimsy, plastic look of some siding. If you choose a ‘wood grain’ style, you will see it is more natural looking than other options.

Here is another detail about CertainTeed that makes a subtle but important difference. CertainTeed offers siding panels in 12’, 16’, and 24’ lengths. Most manufacturers only offer 12’ panels. Shorter panels means more seams and a less smooth appearance. The longer options allow us to give you siding with less seams.

You will also get a larger selection of colors and styles from CertainTeed. Their unusually wide selection means you can get the exact right siding for your home and tastes.

CertainTeed’s Reputation For ‘Nitpicky’ Standards

All manufacturers have “tolerances” – the margin from absolute perfection that is allowable in a product. CertainTeed is well-known for their very strict tolerances. Simply put, they have better quality control than most siding manufacturers.

Some might call their standards nitpicky, but we like doing business with a manufacturer that cares about the details.

CertainTeed’s Warranty

You get a true “peace-of-mind” manufacturer warranty from CertainTeed – this is a company that has been around for more than a century. Your siding comes with a Lifetime Warranty – in writing – nothing is hidden from you.

Eliminating Installation Worries

The most important day for your siding is installation day. Sloppy or inexperienced installation can hurt the look and longevity of your siding. (It can also cause you stress you don’t need).

We are a rare house siding contractor in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas that fully guarantee our installation will be done right. We get it done right the first time, but if any issue does arise, we fix it promptly and without excuses. That is why we don’t collect any payment until the job is done and also why we promise to fix any labor-related failures for as long as you live in your home.

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