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Real, Authentic,
And Honest Pricing.

Yes, We Offer A Top Manufacturer Warranty…

But What Really Makes Our Protection Special Is Our LABOR WARRANTY

Roofing Warranty

Do A True Point-By-Point Comparison –
We Think You Will Be Amazed By How Our Warranty Stacks Up.

Here is what almost no one else in the roofing industry will tell you: when a roof fails or develops a problem, over 97% of the time it is because of an error during installation, not a defect in the manufacturer’s product. But most warranties cover manufacturer product defects, and only cover labor in only very limited circumstances.

In other words, the thing you are more likely to need protection for is not covered under most warranties!

When you compare roofing warranties, always look at the details of when labor is covered. Typically, the warranty will cover labor costs only if the reason for the failure is a product defect. If the roof develops a problem or fails because of an installation error, you’re not covered.

We don’t think that’s fair and we make this we make this promise to you – in writing: if your roof fails because of an installation error, we will take care of it without charge for as long as you own your home. That is a true labor warranty.

We Also Have A Top Manufacturer Warranty

This is not to say that a manufacturer warranty is not important – it is. Yes, product failure is relatively rare (especially with a company as good as GAF), but it can happen and you want to be protected.

That is why we love being able to offer our homeowners the extra warranty protection of GAF’s System Plus Warranty. This is special, additional warranty coverage from GAF – and they only allow certified roofers – like us – to offer it to their customers.

We also like offering a GAF warranty because they have been around for more than a century and have proven that they will stand behind their products and keep their promises.

Highlights of the System Plus Warranty

  • Shingles – 50 Year Non Pro-Rated (100%) Coverage
  • Roofing System – The Entire System Is Covered – Not Just Shingles
  • This Manufacturer Warranty is Transferable (and free to transfer)
  • And More – Ask Us for Details During Your Consultation

Want to see the actual warranty? The warranty details are available right here online – nothing hidden ever.