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Frequently Asked Questions
About Roofing

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What roofing services do you offer?

We are a full-service roofing company for Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas.

What we do specifically:

  • Roofing Removal & Replacement
  • Re-Roofing
  • Slate Removal & Replacement
  • Cedar Shake Roofing Removal
  • Plywood Replacement
  • Residential Flat Roof
  • Commercial Roofing

Are you licensed, registered, and insured?

Yes, yes, and yes. These are CRUCIAL questions and you must get honest answers from any residential roofing company in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas that you are considering. (Don’t be shy about asking for proof!).

To give you one example of what can go wrong: if the roofer you choose is either not insured or under-insured and someone gets hurt during the roofing project, it is you – the homeowner – who can be held liable.

For your protection, always make sure you are dealing with licensed, registered, and insured roofing company.

What should I know about your roofing warranty?

The very first thing to know is we offer a real labor warranty. Labor warranties are important because the truth is that when a roof fails or has a problem, it is almost always because of a mistake during installation, not because of a product defect.

Most roofing companies in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas talk about the manufacturer warranty. And those warranties usually say “labor is covered.” What gets left unsaid is that the manufacturer only covers the cost of labor if their product was defective. Labor is not covered if there was an error during installation!

We have a true labor warranty – if your roof fails because of an installation problem, we fix it without charge for as long as you live in your home. On top of that, we offer GAF’s System Plus Warranty, which is an excellent manufacturer warranty. With Homelife Remodeling Inc., you get rock-solid protection on both products and labor.

What materials do you use for your roof?

We use GAF products. Here’s why:

  • GAF has been around for more than a century and have proven again and again that they make ‘Best of the Best’ quality roofing products and then stand behind them.
  • GAF creates products that work together to form a rock-solid roofing system. It isn’t just about the quality of their shingles – it’s about the quality of all their materials.
  • Finally, GAF has warranties that are real – everything is in writing and as promised.

Please note: We can also use CertainTeed roofing products if the homeowner prefers. CertainTeed meets our high standards for product quality and are a well-proven manufacturer.

What does ‘GAF Certified’ mean?

It means the largest roofing manufacturer in North America has provided us training, has inspected both our installation and business practices and certified that we are a top professional roofing company for Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas (and the entire country).

This certification assures homeowners that we will install their roof to exact manufacturer specifications. There are no short cuts and there is no shoddy workmanship – no exceptions.

One other bonus of certification: GAF allows us to offer extra warranty protection. Any roofer can use GAF products, but only a GAF trained and certified roofer can offer their best warranty.

Can I just get a quote over the phone?

We can’t give accurate quotes over the phone. We need to be on-site to see the scope of the project and also get a full understanding of your concerns about your current roof.

The good news is our roof consultations are free, and we will give you a firm, fair quote after the consultation. We would encourage homeowners to be cautious of any Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas residential roofing contractor who will give you an estimate without inspecting your roof. These type of estimates are very unlikely to be accurate to your true roofing needs.

When will I pay for my roof?

We have a policy that you ‘don’t pay us a dime’ until your roofing project is done – and done right. Many people are amazed that we don’t even take a deposit before doing the work, but for us it is all part of our policy to always be 100% accountable to homeowners.

After all, this ‘no deposit’ policy means we have the strongest possible incentive to get the project completed to your high satisfaction – we don’t get paid until we do! This is one of our real promises that demonstrate that our first priority is professional quality results – every single time.