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Homeowners shopping for replacement windows can quickly become overwhelmed. There are a number of different options on the market, and sorting out all the claims can be time-consuming and frustrating.

It does not have to be like this. We have put together the below information to give you a concise overview of possible options in window replacement. Read through this first to orient yourself, then call us for a free window consultation to get your questions and concerns answered face-to-face.

Wood Windows:

Wood windows are beautiful – there is no question about that. Unfortunately, just about everything else about wood windows are a drawback.

First there is the maintenance. If you have been living with old, wood windows, you know they need painted frequently.

Not only that, but even well-maintained wood windows are more likely to rot or warp than other options. If you have a window that has become hard to open and operate, you understand exactly what we are talking about.

Lastly, wood windows are very expensive.

Summary: Wood windows are beautiful, but require frequent maintenance, cost too much, and are more subject to warping and other issues.

Fiberglass Windows:

On the plus side, fiberglass is strong. Fiberglass windows can also look good if properly finished.

On the other hand, many fiberglass windows do require paint to look properly finished, and this paint can fade over time. The other issue with fiberglass windows is their high cost. Yes, fiberglass is a stronger material than vinyl, but they are strong in ways that don’t really matter for windows. They are not more durable than high-quality vinyl options, yet they cost more.

Summary: Weigh the extra cost of fiberglass replacement windows against other options. The bottom line is that often you are paying more money without really getting any significant benefits for the extra cost.

Low-Quality Vinyl Windows:

We are breaking out vinyl replacement windows into two categories – low-quality vinyl versus high-quality options. The difference between low and high quality in vinyl is night and day and so can’t be lumped into one category.

The only real advantage to low-quality vinyl is that is a cheaper option – at least at first. Of course, when you factor in poor energy efficiency and having to replace the windows much sooner, the long-term costs go up significantly.

Vinyl windows of low-quality are more subject to fading and chalking. They also have a “plastic” look that detract from a home’s appearance.

Summary: Low quality vinyl saves you some money up front, but costs more in the long-run. It also detracts from the appearance of your home.

High-Quality Vinyl Windows:

Quality vinyl replacement windows are the most popular for good reason: they are durable, beautiful, and reasonably priced. None of the other above options have the same combination of quality AND affordability.

High quality vinyl windows meet these criteria:

  • Very low maintenance – no scraping or painting
  • Energy efficient
  • Reasonable price – you are not paying for more than you need
  • Durable (make sure your vinyl windows come with a Lifetime Warranty)
  • Not subject to moisture, rot, or insects
  • Beautiful, with many excellent options to match the look of your home

Summary: High-quality vinyl windows are affordable, but without having to sacrifice what really matters in window replacement. Quality vinyl windows are low maintenance, energy efficient, look great, operate well, and have a lifetime warranty.

We’d like to invite you to learn more. We’d be honored to give you a free window replacement consultation. Contact us to get started.