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What You Didn't Know About Vinyl Siding in Towson

Posted on March 28th, 2018

Vinyl Siding Towson, MD

Vinyl siding is truly one of the wonders of our time. It is a revolutionary product that has completely changed the home improvement industry. There is simply nothing that compares to vinyl siding and the benefits of choosing vinyl siding in Towson for your home. It is low-maintenance, affordable, and quick and easy to install.

There are so many unique and intriguing qualities of vinyl siding that, chances are, there are some that you didn't even about know yet. Here are a few vinyl siding facts that we bet you didn't know.

Bet you didn't know: It's the most popular

There are actually many siding material choice in America today. You can choose from wood, brick, stone, stucco, and more. You would think that the use of each of these siding options would be chosen equally by homeowners throughout the country but that is not the case. According to data from the Census Bureau's Survey of Construction, vinyl is themost popular exterior material for new single-family homes started in 2016. Approximately 27% of the homes being built have chosen vinyl siding installation; this includes a large percentage of homes right here in Towson. When you choose vinyl siding for your home you are ensuring that the majority of homeowners, buyers and sellers alike, will agree with your choice, making vinyl siding an excellent investment for your home.

Bet you didn't know: How many color choices there are

Back in the 50's when vinyl siding first appeared, there were only a handful of color choices available. Homeowners had little creative choice if they wanted vinyl siding on their homes.  Times have changed and technology has made amazing strides in the vinyl siding color possibilities. Now, with over 40 color choices to choose from, every homeowner can find exactly what they are looking for. Not only are there 40 colors but when you consider the available texture and style choices as well, there are over 800 different combinations of vinyl siding options for you! Don't worry. If that many possibilities seem like too many to decide on, our professionals can help.

Bet you didn't know: The lifespan is unmeasured

Vinyl siding is one of the newest products on the market compared to other siding materials which have been around for a while. Because it is so much newer than other materials, no one actually knows just how long the improved vinyl siding of today can last. It is estimated that some of the highest-quality, vinyl siding of today can last up to fifty years. This is why if you are considering vinyl siding in Towson today, you can expect it to come with a lengthy warranty.

With all of these amazing and little-known facts about vinyl siding, you'd think that it would also be one of the most expensive choices but, in fact, it is one of the most affordable. At Homelife Remodeling, we install the high-quality, CertainTeed vinyl siding. It comes in more than 40 colors and you can choose from many styles and textures. Our siding comes with an amazing warranty on material and labor, too. Contact ustoday for your siding installation consultation in Towson.