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What To Expect During Siding Installation in Towson

Posted on March 21st, 2018

Siding Installation Towson, MD

Making the choice to install new siding on your home is a wise investment and will make your home beautiful. New siding installation in Towson can give your home outstanding curb appeal and can raise the value of your home. While you know all of the benefits of vinyl siding for your home, you are probably wondering what to expect during your siding installation in Towson. Vinyl siding is quick and easy to install and the process is very simple.


One of the first things that your contractor and crew will address is assessing what is under your current siding. While this may feel like a step backward, it is very necessary. If there are issues hiding underneath your existing siding that are causing damage to your home or could become problematic in the future, it is wise to deal with them now. If any issues are not taken care of before placing your new siding on your home, you could also risk damage to your new siding.


While it is unlikely that any repairs will be needed, it is important that your siding has a firm wall to attach to. Not only should the wall be stable, it should also be very straight. If your siding installation in Towson is done improperly and your siding is attached to an uneven surface, your siding will warp and lie unevenly itself. This will make your home unattractive and can also cause water damage. Your siding does more than just make your home look beautiful, it also protects your home from moisture which can cause a host of other problems.


The next step in the installation process is the insulation that goes behind your siding. In many cases, this is a simple house wrap but this insulation is vitally important to the energy efficiency of your home. The insulation under your siding lowers your monthly energy bills and helps regulate the temperature inside of your home.

Installing the Siding

Vinyls siding is attached by nailing strips to your home and them popping the siding pieces into these strips. This enables the siding to lock into place and it also makes the siding very strong. Your vinyl siding will be able to withstand strong impacts if installed correctly. Vinyl siding needs to be able to have a little wiggle room in order to expand and contract with the changes in the temperature. If it is not installed to allow for this expansion, it can crack and break in the harsh weather.

The Importance of Hiring the Right Contractor

If your vinyl siding installation is done properly, it will last for decades but if it is not, you are wasting thousands on repairs and replacement some day. The experts at Homelife Remodeling can install vinyl siding on your home in Towson. We never skimp on quality in our materials or our labor. Our friendly team guarantees only the best service. Give us a call today for your free consultation.