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What Does the GAF Certification Really Mean?

Posted on September 30, 2017.

Roofing Ellicott City

An artist is only as good as the materials available at his or her disposal. You’ve probably heard this said about a million times, yet never once thought about equating it to roofing in Ellicott City. Yet creating a well-functioning roof requires quality materials, as well as a steady hand to apply them. That’s why you’re cautioned from going with just any roofer when yours needs to be repaired or replaced.

Yet you need only do a web search for “roofing in Ellicott City” to discover that there are countless contractors out there offering such services. How are you to know which one you should go with? Why not trust the recommendation of the companies whose materials actually go on your roof?

Recognition for Following Strict Service Standards

GAF has long been recognized as the industry leader in residential roofing materials. To ensure that homeowners enjoy the full benefits of their products’ design, GAF certifies companies in their proper use and application. This certification isn’t simply handed out to whomever chooses to use their products; rather, it has be earned by adherence to a strict set of standards established by GAF itself. In order to qualify, a roofing contractor must demonstrate the following:

  • Proper licensing through the accrediting agency of its respective state
  • Adequate insurance coverage to protect you and your property
  • A commitment to continuous improvement through ongoing professional training
  • An established reputation for quality work amongst its community

Added perks also come from working with a GAF-certified roofer. These include special warranties that offer you added protection.

Your Local GAF-Certified Roofer

Just how prestigious is the GAF certification? So much so that only 3 percent of all roofing companies in country qualify for it. We here at Homelife Remodeling just happen to be one of them. When you choose us for your roofing in Ellicott City, you can rest assured that your job is being done by true professionals. On top of that, both the service and products are protected by ironclad warranties. What more could you ask for? Call us at 410.864.0178 or 301.960.8901 to learn more about what we have to offer, or you can reach out to us through any of our social media sites.