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Water Spots on the Ceiling - What Your Roof Is Telling You

Posted on October 18, 2017.

Ellicott City roofing company

You can often see problems with your roofing system by watching for signs of water damage in your home. One key example of a leaking roof is that you see water spots on the ceiling. Small water spots may not seem like a big deal, but you have no idea of how much damage is being done that you cannot see. You should enlist a roofing contractor in Ellicott City to help you pinpoint the damage.

Finding the Leak Can Be Tricky

Water spots on the ceiling typically indicate that the roof is leaking, but finding where the leak starts isn’t always as easy as just looking where the water spot is. Water doesn’t necessarily take a linear path straight down. It can travel along the shingles to find a vulnerable opening, then it can travel throughout the lumber system in the attic until it gets to the ceiling.

Water Spots May Not Be From a Leaky Roof

Making things even more complex, water spots on the ceiling can be caused from condensation on pipes or windows. This is a problem that should be addressed, because this moisture causes damage and can cause mold to form. You can often tell the difference by watching your ceiling during or after a rain. If the ceiling gets darker or the spot gets bigger, it’s more than likely a leaky roof.

Pay Attention to Your Home

You don’t have to climb up on your roof to know that there is a problem. Watch for water damage, on the exterior of your home and in the interior to catch smaller issues before they become major repair jobs. Get those water spots on your ceiling inspected before the problem gets worse. Our Ellicott City roofing company provides a free consultation and offers a firm, fair quote with everything in writing for your confidence. You don’t pay until the job is finished. Contact us at (410) 864-0178 to make an appointment.