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To Move or Remodel?

Posted on September 21, 2017.

Home Improvement Contractors Severna Park

Every day, you likely drive past beautiful new homes with exterior features that scream high-end design. At the same time, youíre also inundated with news about new homes being more energy efficient and saving money for their owners through lower utility costs. All of this may have you thinking that itís time for a housing upgrade. Your Realtorģ will probably tell you that this a great time to both sell and buy, while any of the home improvement contractors in Severna Park will espouse the benefits of a remodel. The question is which is best for you?

Some Things to Consider

Finding an unbiased answer might be difficult, what with the opinions of local realtors and home improvement contractors in Severna Park being so greatly at odds. When contemplating this question, itís best to first ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the issues with your home? There may things you donít like about your home that canít be changed, such as a complete revamping of the floorplan or layout. At the same time, things such as improved energy efficiency, new exterior features, and even added square footage can be addressed with a remodel.
  • Whatís the state of your local housing market? Take a look at comparable properties and see what they are selling for. What youíre able to recoup from the sale of your home (and put towards the purchase of your new one) should factor heavily into your decision.
  • How do you about your neighborhood? Factors such as having long-established friendships with neighbors or being in a renowned school district may influence your thinking when considering whether to move or remodel.

Weíre Here to Help You with This Decision

Once you choose to work with us here at Homelife Remodeling, youíll quickly see that weíre not like other home improvement contractors in Severna Park. Your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we donít take any up-front deposits, we guarantee our work for as long as the manufacturer warranties cover the materials, and we make ourselves available to answer any and all of your questions. That includes what sort of ROI you can expect with your exterior remodel. Our expertise will help ensure that it makes your decision to stay worth it. To discuss your homeís needs, reach out to us through social media, or call us at either 410.864.0178 or 301.960.8901. †