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The Vinyl Siding of 2018

Posted on February 11, 2018

Vinyl Siding Towson, MD

Homes have changed drastically in the last decade. Colors have ranged from blues to tans to white and back again. Homes have improved over the last few years, too. Manufacturers have created more durable and energy efficient building materials. One area where this change is most evident is vinyl siding. 

Beautifully Detailed Options

Ten years ago when vinyl siding was gaining in popularity, there were basically three styles: smooth, less smooth, and textured. Now, it is not uncommon for one manufacturer to have a dozen different textures and styles to choose from. There are still the traditional horizontal panels and the vertical panels but there are also board & batten, beaded, wood shakes, and scallops. Whether your home is Colonial, Traditional, Farmhouse, Mediterranean, or Modern, you will not have to sacrifice style or price or convenience because vinyl siding is still a very smart choice for your home in Towson.

Delicious New Colors

Over the last five years, the vinyl siding color options have exploded. You will likely find the sheer number of your choices of colors overwhelming. Gone are the days of white, gray, or beige. There are so many color choices now that they have had to get creative with the names of the colors. You will find selections like Ivy, Heather, Maple, and Tuscan Clay. Can you imagine your home in Mystic Blue?

Budget-Friendly Options

Despite these drastic upgrades in quality and durability, the price of vinyl siding in Towson has actually become more reasonable. In fact, vinyl siding is now considered the "economical choice in siding". This is one of the reasons that it has steadily kept its place in the home improvement market as a top contender and still remains the #1 choice for many homeowners.

Long Lasting

You probably have this image of vinyl siding with cracks and holes in it. This is no longer the case. Vinyl siding is now considered a durable option. The vinyl siding of 2018 is so durable it can endure 110 mph winds. It also comes with a warranty and many sidings are guaranteed for 40 years. There are even some that are so well made that they can offer a lifetime warranty.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl siding is low-maintenance. It is really almost considered a maintenance-free choice. The only maintenance that you might ever have to do to your siding is washing it. Every few years, a professional can clean your vinyl siding in Towson, so there is really no maintenance on your part. It is recommended that a professional clean it anyway to avoid damage to it.

If you're ready to check out the vinyl siding of 2018 in Towson, the experts at Homelife Remodeling can help you decide which vinyl siding is right for your home. We install high-end vinyl siding options in Towson and the surrounding area so give us a call today for your free consultation.