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That Doesn't Look Like Vinyl Siding!

Posted on February 25th, 2018

Vinyl Siding Towson, MD

If you look around at the homes in Towson, you might think that more and more homeowners are choosing wood siding these days. You might want to take a closer look. That "wood" siding may not be wood at all. Yes, wood is still the most popular look but it is not the most popular siding.

Everyone wants the look of wood, especially older colonial or historical homes. Nothing will preserve the traditional elegance like wood but as many of these homes are being restored, homeowners are realizing that you can have the wood look without the disadvantages that come with it. You can easily keep that wood charm for your home without any maintenance on your part.

Premium vinyl siding in Towson looks so much like wood that you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference; even up close. It has rich, deep texture that mimics actual wood grain. So why isn't wood the most popular choice if the look of wood is still so sought-after?

Why Wood Siding Is Not The Best Choice

Wood is not known for its long lifespan and impressive durability. With the humid climate of Maryland, wood siding tends to collect that moisture and cause all kind of problems.  Wood rots, chips, fades and warps. It takes lots of maintenance and upkeep. Wood needs to be painted once it chips and fades or it will need to be stained and sealed. The maintenance and repair costs can be expensive. They can also be very time consuming and sometimes they are so difficult that hiring a professional is necessary.

The lifespan of wood is not nearly as long as vinyl siding and once you factor in the initial installation cost, which is significantly more than vinyl siding, you will pay a lot more over the span of a lifetime for wood siding.

Why Is Vinyl Siding Better Than Wood Siding?

Vinyl siding is virtually maintenance-free. Once it is installed, the only maintenance will be a simple washing every few years. It will never need to be painted and won't fade. Vinyl siding is also very durable. It is able to withstand the harsh weather of Maryland and last for decades. In fact, premium vinyl siding in Towson comes with a lifetime warranty. You could easily end up paying twice as much for wood siding as vinyl siding over the course of a lifetime. It is energy-efficient and can save you hundreds on your energy bills each year and you never have to worry about termites or other insects like you do with wood siding.

You can have the beauty, the character, and the charm of real wood for your home with all of the advantages of premium vinyl siding in Towson. The experts at Homelife Remodeling can install wood-look vinyl siding on your home. We offer a lifetime warranty on our siding AND our labor as well. We install high-quality products at a reasonable price. If you're envisioning your home with beautiful new siding right now, just give us a call today or fill out our online form for your free consultation.