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Roofing Problems That You Should Never Tackle Yourself

Posted on January 30, 2018.

Roofers Towson, MD

There are some home improvement projects that you are a whiz at. There are some days that you deserve an award in excellence for your outstanding performance in home improvement projects. You even envision yourself on your own show teaching others how it’s done.

Sure, there have been a few “mishaps” and your record is by no means flawless but you can handle yourself around a hammer and drill any day.

While there are lots of home improvement projects that you can finish with flying colors, there are times when you simply must call a professional, or risk more trouble and cost than it’s worth. Don’t worry, you can still have your own home improvement show. Just have a guest on when it comes time for these few roofing issues.

Damaged Shingles

Although a few missing or loose shingles may seem insignificant, they are a sign of an underlying and serious problem. Your roof may be getting older and the shingles can become brittle and weak with age. Once shingles are loose, moisture can become trapped under them and the wood beneath them can start to rot. This can weaken your roof and, if left unchecked, will lead to an entire roof replacement.

Mold can also start to grow in this environment. It can infiltrate your home and cause allergies, breathing problems and all kinds of illnesses. Mold can often only be detected by professionals so, leave this one to them. If you notice problems with your shingles, bring in the pros.

Leaks in Your Ceiling

You don’t want that unhealthy mold and mildew to get inside your home but that’s exactly what can happen if a roof leak is allowed to go on for too long. Leaks in your roof will be apparent from the inside of your home several ways. Discoloration on the walls or ceiling of your home indicates water damage. If you noticed that your roof is visibly sagging from the outside of your home, this can also be a sign that a leak has been left to its destructive tendencies for far too long and needs immediate attention. Roof replacement may be in order.

The damage to the interior and structure of the home can be compromised very quickly by water. Even a few weeks of leaking water, especially during the wet springtime weather, can cause serious and expensive damage.

When It’s Time to Sell Your Home

When you decide to sell your house, you need to know exactly where things stand; especially where your roof is concerned. Many homeowners in Towson consider roof replacement before selling. A damaged roof can lower the selling price of your home tremendously. Repairing the roof before potential buyers see it can save you thousands of dollars.

This is one of those cases where repairing it yourself may not save you in the long run. If you miss something, it will be caught in the home inspection and you’ll end up paying for it anyway.

So if you’re up against roof replacement in Towson or any of these possible roof catastrophes, call for the real pros. Your reputation as a home improvement genius will stay intact. Don’t worry. You’re secret’s safe with us.