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Increasing Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Posted on October 05, 2017.

home improvement contractors in Severna Park

With the rising cost of utilities and the focus on going green, when you’re looking at updating the exterior of your home, it’s important to consider the efficiency of the products you’re going to have installed. Our home improvement contractors in Severna Park can offer more specific guidance, but we’d like to provide a general reference about increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

What Is the R-Value?

The R-value is a professional measurement to rate the insulation value of a building material. The higher the R-value, the better it works at insulation. Builders typically want an R-value of 13 or more for the whole system of an exterior wall. Siding is just one aspect of this system, but it is an important one. Here are some common sidings and how they stack up:

  • Brick or stone R-value 0.44
  • 2-inch stucco R-value 0.40
  • Wood shingle siding R-value 0.87
  • Non-insulated aluminum, steel or vinyl R-value 0.61
  • Insulated vinyl siding R-value 2.0 or higher

Although wood siding has the highest R-value, it is also prone to warping. When choosing siding, you have to look at many different aspects to determine what will do the job the best for your home. Ask your home improvement contractor in Severna Park about your options to understand what will do the best in the Maryland climate and for your home.

Look at What Goes Under the Siding for Even Greater Energy Efficiency

The siding is just one part of your homes energy efficiency. You should also consider upgrading the insulation when you install new siding to keep the outside elements from affecting your home’s interior temperatures.


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