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Icicles On Your Siding? What Does That Mean?

Posted on September 3, 2017.

Vinyl Siding Columbia MD

We all love to see icicles on our houses at wintertime. Kids view them as signs that snow days are here, while we adults look forward to the extra time indoors to catch up on the important things in life (like binge-watching reality TV or football). Yet you should also be aware that icicles, depending on where they are on your home, could also be a potential sign of trouble. Once they start showing up away from the roof is the time when you should start to get worried.

Beware the Damage Caused by Ice Dams

Imagine walking outside one morning and seeing icicles on your vinyl siding in Columbia MD. What does it mean? Obviously, water is running down the side of your house, but where is it coming from? Such a sight is a telltale sign of ice damming. You’ve probably heard how ice dams cause those massive clumps of snow on your overhangs, but how can they be affecting your vinyl siding in Columbia MD? Here’s how:

  • Melted runoff is being trapped behind the ice dam, causing it to grow
  • As the dam grows, water is forced under your shingles, where it permeates the roof deck
  • Excess water leaches through your soffit and begins flowing down your siding

Given that your siding is really just the exterior side of your home’s walls, this means that interior leaks and insulation damage could be next things you start to notice. Removing the ice dam and addressing the issues that caused it could help halt and mitigate the damage. 

Call Us Before It’s Too Late

With you being outside less during the winter months, it makes it that much more important that you recognize signs of exterior damage when they first surface. Seeing icicles forming on your vinyl siding in Columbia MD should set off alarms to call us here at Homelife Remodeling right away. We’ll quickly looks to diagnose the problem and do all that we can to fix it, whether it be addressing roofing issues or replacing worn or damaged siding. We’ll help you keep problems from becoming full blown disasters. To discuss how ice dams can affect your roofing and siding, link up with one our social media pages, or call us at 410.864.0178 or 301.960.8901.