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How Well Is Your Work Protected? 

Posted on September 11, 2017.

Roofing Columbia MD

“You’d have to be a fool!” That’s how a great many service ads are concluded, as in “You’d have to be a fool not the buy this car!” or “You’d have to be a fool not to take advantage of this service!” Typically, that statement is made in conjunction with some form of warranty, with the implication being that no matter what goes wrong, your warranty will cover you. Unfortunately, in the end the provider is the one trying to fool you, promising you virtually unlimited protection while neglecting to tell you of the limitations placed by the proverbial fine print. 

Questions to Ask About Your Warranty

Yet who wants to spend hours going over every aspect of a warranty when you’re in need of roofing in Columbia MD? Save yourself the time by instead asking these basic yet important questions:

  • How long does a warranty last? Typically, most contractors offering roofing in Columbia MD guarantee their work for one to five years. Yet every so often, you’ll find one whose service protection goes beyond that.
  • Are “consequential” damages covered? If your roof fails and causes damage to another element of your home (say, infiltrating water ruins your attic insulation), will the warranty cover the cost of those added expenses?
  • How are warranty issues handled? Some contractors require that warranty claims be filed within a certain time period of a problem occurring. Others may mandate that such claims be initiated through a certain process. Look for a guaranty that won’t require you to jump through too many hoops to get an issue resolved.

Let Us Help Put Your Mind at Ease

Dealing with issue with your roofing in Columbia MD is concerning enough; you shouldn’t also have to worry about the effectiveness of your warranty. That’s why here at Homelife Remodeling, we keep it simple: Whatever the manufacturer warranties are on the products used in your project, we match them. That means your service is guaranteed for as long as the materials (even if that means lifetime coverage). This is just another way of demonstrating our commitment to caring, trust and quality. Don’t believe it? Let us prove it to you. Call us today at 410.864.0178 or 301.960.8901, or connect with us through any of our social media channels.