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Choosing Vinyl Siding Color the Right Way

Posted on August 1, 2017

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Not only is proper vinyl siding in Columbia, MD, essential to the protection and overall functionality of your home, it is also instrumental in the overall visual aesthetic of your home. As you narrow down your options for the best vinyl siding choice, be sure to keep the color in mind so your property looks great while being protected by quality siding. 

Your Neighborhood

Depending on your preferences, you either want a home that fits the rest of your neighborhood’s current look or color scheme or a home that goes against the grain in the very best of ways. Either way, take a walk around your neighborhood to decide which route you will take.

The Overall Size of Your Home

While you might prefer vinyl siding in Columbia, MD, made with a dark color, that rich hue can come across as overpowering or depressive when paired with a larger home. On the flipside, a siding color that is too light can cause a small home to blend in with the yard. To find the right middle ground, always remember that darker hues often take the eyes away from aspects of your home you might wish to draw attention to while lighter-colored vinyl can offset parts of your property you may desire to pull attention away from.

Your Home’s Current Architecture

The general style of your home is something else to mull over when deciding on the right color of vinyl siding. For example, if you were to look at a lot of Colonial-style homes, you would likely notice they only include a single color. You can either maintain that style or put your own spin on the standard by adding some complementing accent colors.

Know that Homelife Remodeling is here to help you choose the best color for your vinyl siding in Columbia, MD. Feel free to give us a call at 410-864-0178 or 301-960-8901 if you have any questions.