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Vinyl Siding or Wood Siding?

Posted on August 18, 2016.

vinyl siding Columbia MD

If you have been looking at options for siding installation in MD, the odds are that you have felt just a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. While there are several options, two of the most popular choices for modern homes are wooden and vinyl siding in Columbia, MD. There are several pros and cons to each option that you should consider before making a commitment to either.

Wood siding is mostly used in cottages or Cape Cod style homes to generate a warm, cozy look, though it is a versatile material that can be used in many types of homes in different locations. The main benefit of wooden siding is that it provides this unique, natural appearance that is difficult for any other siding option to generate. However, this material requires a great deal of upkeep if you are looking to make the investment last. Weather, fading finish and insect infestations are all threats to wooden siding that you should consider before making the plunge.

Vinyl siding is the option used by contractors everywhere for the vast majority of modern constructions. This is because vinyl is an extremely durable material as well as very cheap compared to other options. Furthermore, this siding option can mimic almost every other option with accuracy, perhaps with the exception of wooden siding, which is why the debate between the two is ongoing. This option is also energy efficient, and provides you with some of the best protection out there. As far as cons go, the only glaringly obvious one is the fact that if you decide to purchase cheap vinyl siding, it may look very fake and plastic once put on your home.

These are all details which you should consider as a homeowner when deciding wood and vinyl siding in Columbia, MD. Speaking with a professional about the issue can help you get more useful information before you make your final commitment.