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Top Three Exterior Projects for Your Home

Posted on September 08, 2016.

home remodeling contractors Ellicott City

Fixing up a home can be a fun adventure. While the interior of the home may be more exciting, the exterior should not be left out. After all, it is the integrity of the outside that keeps your warm and dry on the inside. So what are the three most common exterior projects on a house? Home remodeling contractors in Ellicott City can tell you they are replacement of the roof, windows and siding. Read on for the best reasons to tackle these important projects.

1. A New Roof

A fully-functioning roof does more than prevent puddles on the floor. Your homes roof is the lid that keeps the entire structure warm, snug, safe and dry. A roof that has sneaky little leaks in the attic can lead to major damage caused by rot, mold and mildew. Fixing or replacing an old roof before it becomes a health hazard is a wise, economically-responsible choice. Ask your roofer in Ellicott City for more details.

2. New Windows

A home with old, single-pane windows will never look or feel as nice as one with new, energy-efficient ones. In addition to keeping you warm and toasty inside, new windows add tremendous curb appeal and significant value to your home. There are many styles available, and home remodeling contractors in Ellicott City should be able to make appropriate recommendations as to which type is right for your house.

3. New Siding

Good siding is like a hug that keeps your home safe and cozy. If your house has siding that has been neglected over the years, there may be areas of rot or insect damage. If an inspection reveals that this is the case, having new siding installed may be the way to go. While there are many material options available, high-quality vinyl is preferred by many professionals.

Your home remodeling contractors in Ellicott City can help you make appropriate choices for the exterior of your home. By investing in a new roof, windows and siding now you can live comfortably for years to come.