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Top Bathroom Home Improvement Trends to Consider

Posted on June 26, 2017.

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Bathrooms and kitchens are what people look at most when buying a home, so if you plan to sell in the future, this is where you want to concentrate your efforts. There are certain bathroom improvements to focus on because these are features that people tend to desire most. Getting the work done by professional home improvement contractors in Severna Park help to ensure it is done correctly.

Opt for a Mediterranean Design

Mediterranean-inspired design is popular and it is a scheme that tends to always be attractive. It generally combines metallic elements with terra cotta, so it is possible to keep it neutral. Pay special attention to the tiles used since these are generally the focal point of this design style. When you are coming up with your inspiration, think about the popular colors and decorative styles in countries, such as Morocco, Spain and Portugal.

Ensure Adequate Storage

Sufficient storage will never go out of style. You want storage to be functional and not take up excess space, especially if the bathroom is small. For example, utilize space under the sink and above the toilet for storage solutions. This allows for vertical storage and will help to preserve precious floor space.

Consider Different Accessibility Options

When you are remodeling a bathroom, home improvement contractors in Severna Park will tell you that accessibility is critical. For example, make the shower one you do not need to step up and into and build in a seat. Opt for a bathtub that is lower to the ground and consider a built-in seat under the vanity. Decorative railings that are also functional are beneficial. You should also ensure adequate natural light by placing larger windows in this room.

If you are ready for a change in your bathroom, consider these popular improvements. Once you are ready to make the improvements, consult with reputable home improvement contractors in Severna Park to help make sure the work is high in quality.