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Sure Signs Your Roof is Getting Old

Posted on September 06, 2016.

home improvement contractors Severna Park

Older homes can be a lot of fun to live in, and they certainly are beautiful. The character and personality of homes from bygone eras may be reason enough to live in one. If you own an older home, you are probably familiar with home repairs. You may even know all of the home improvement contractors in Severna Park by name. Home interiors are fun to fix up, but you may be wondering what to do with the exterior. Starting at the top is a good idea, so read on to learn how to identify a roof that needs to be replaced.

1. It Leaks

A puddle on the floor might be the most obvious sign that your roof is not doing its job. However, before you rush to buy new roofing in Columbia MD, you may want to get a professional opinion. While you very well may need an entire new roof, it is possible that a repair will do the trick. Let your home improvement contractors in Severna Park give you an estimate, so that you can make the best decision possible.

2. Shingles are Missing or Buckling

Patches of missing shingles, or shingles that are buckled on the edges, may indicate that your roof could leak in the next big storm. Old roofs tend to shed their shingles, so if you are missing more than a couple now could be the time to re-roof your home.

3. Gutters are Full of Shingle Grit

The gritty little granules that cover the surface of composite shingles loosen and wash away toward the end of their lifespan. Check your gutters, and if you see a lot of grit in them, you may be ready for a new roof. If you did rather not climb a ladder, ask a professional to do it for you.

Replacing a roof on an older home is an important part of a remodeling project. By working with qualified home improvement contractors in Severna Park, you can get the job done right.