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Should You Replace Your Roof?

Posted on December 02, 2016.

Roofing Ellicott City

You depend on your roof to keep your home secure from the elements, and quality roofs do not require frequent replacements. However, if your roof is a certain age or if it has weathered extreme conditions, a simple repair may not be enough. It might be time to look for roofing in Ellicott city. If you inspect your roof and see the following developments, you should contact a contractor to see whether repair or replacement is the best course of action.

Look at the Shingles

The shingles indicate the health of roof, and while a few missing shingles may not signal a need for complete replacement. If at least a third of them are damaged, that might be a sign of a more severe problem such as moisture seeping into the roof. Notice if the shingles are curled or buckled. The outer edges might be curled or the shingle may be curved downward to indicate moisture underneath. If you look in the gutter and notice a lot of granules, this could be a sign that the materials from asphalt shingles are wearing off and that your roof is no longer protected. To replace individual shingles, contact professionals in roofing in Ellicott city. In some cases, replacing shingles is not enough, but it may be time to get a new roof.

Other Signs of Damage

Look at the valley of your roof for broken or missing shingles. The valley is an important area, because when snow or ice melts, the liquid flows from this area into the gutters, and this is the place where leaks can begin. Also inspect the chimney flashings and consider replacing them with metal if they are made of roof cement. For new flashings, contact roofing contractors in Ellicott city.

The Age Factor

If your roof is over 20 years old, it is most likely in its last stages, and you should be ready to replace it within the decade. The average roof lasts about 30 years, and metal roofs last longer than that. If you are concerned about your roofs age, speak to experts and roofing in Ellicott city.