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Roof Cleaning Methods to Take Care of Unsightly Stains

Posted on October 25, 2016.

new roof in Ellicott City

Once you have installed your new roof in Ellicott City, you have got to make sure you take steps in taking proper care of it in order to get as much use as possible out of it. Moss, algae and other organisms actually consume your roof, and they all continue to eat away at your roof until you take action. There are a few methods you can use to take care of these organisms while restoring your roof to its former protective glory.

Chlorine bleach is one cleaning option roofers use. Cleaning technicians blend a combination of chlorine bleach and other chemicals before spraying the roof as many times as needed to take care of bothersome roof-eating organisms. This method is one of the most affordable, but it is best that you take action to protect plants and pets that may be exposed to the chemical mixture.

Low-pressure cleaning is another option to clean your new roof in Ellicott City. You may prefer this option if you desire one that is environmentally friendly and does not run the risk of harming your plants or landscape. One of the biggest advantages of this option is the instant results, which you might prefer to the several coats needed for the chlorine-bleach method.

Finally, a roofing contractor in Ellicott City might recommend a high-pressure power wash for your roof. While this may seem like an effective way to truly tear through stains and organisms on your roof, it is actually the harshest roof cleaning method. High-pressure power washing has been known to damage shingles and even make your harmful roof-eating organism problem worse. It is best to ask for an alternative if you are ever offered this option.

Learn how to take proper care of your new roof in Ellicott City. Your roof is sure to look better and do a better job of protecting your home, everything underneath your roof and peace of mind.