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Picking Panes for Energy Efficient Windows

Posted on November 08, 2016.

window replacement Severna Park

Window replacement jargon can be confusing when deciding on new windows for your home. Do not let window replacement in Severna Park cause you pain. Learn the difference between window panes to make your window purchasing experience easier.


Single-pane windows are made up of a single sheet of glass. There are several reasons that many homeowners avoid this kind of window. The single sheet of glass is an ineffective sound barrier. Single-pane windows not as durable or energy efficient as windows with multiple panes of glass. Because they are not energy efficient, single-pane windows work best in homes that are located in a temperate, consistent climate. If windows must be replaced on a very strict budget, this type of window is often less expensive than the double- and triple-pane options. Historic homes will also sometimes use single-pane windows to help maintain the original look and feel of the structure.

Double- or Triple-Pane

If you need window replacement in Severna Park, double- or triple-pane windows are often the best choice. Double-pane windows are two sheets of glass, while triple-pane windows are three sheets of glass. Typically, the windows have a gas like argon or krypton in between the panes for additional insulation. The cost difference between the two types of windows can be significant. Research efficiency ratings and how windows perform in the unique climate in Maryland to confirm that the extra expense is money well spent. All windows are only energy efficient if they are installed properly. Look for a remodelling company that understands their products and who will install windows right.

Before beginning a home repair project it can help to learn the terms of the trade. If you are shopping for replacement windows that are energy efficient, remodelling contractors will be able to help you navigate the window jargon and decide which type of window is best for your home.