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Know Your Roofing Warranties

Posted on August 29, 2016.

Roof installation Ellicott City

In a perfect world, the warranty you get after paying for roof installation in Ellicott City will never come into play. While that is a possibility, it is nothing you can bet on. To make sure you are protected against the most likely causes of roof damage, it helps if you understand the different guaranties.Specifically, you should know the difference between a manufacturer warrantyand a labor warranty.

Manufacturer Warranty

This is something you will hear about from many companies that do roofing in Ellicott City. A manufacturer warranty is meant to protect you against any defects that your shingles or slates might have. It is important that you have this type of protection because you do not want to find yourself in a situation where the contractor who did your roof installation in Ellicott City is fighting with a distant manufacturer and no one is dealing with your faulty roof. The trouble is, this type of warranty does not always account for errors that take place during the actual reroofing. For that, you need another warranty.

Labor Warranty

Unfortunately, the most common problems with roofing are the ones that are caused by poor installation work. If your warranty only covers the integrity of the materials and the manufacturer finds that any reported damage is a result of poor roofing work, then you are in trouble. Since you are paying a contractor a decent sum of money to install your roof correctly, it is important that the warranty applies to the work that person or company is responsible for. No one should be allowed to do subpar roofing and get by on a technicality, so make sure your warranty does not allow for that.

Roofs in Maryland need to be perfectly installed and ready for the weather. To ensure the company handling your roof installation in Ellicott City is going to do an excellent job, confirm that it offers a warranty that actually covers all the work.