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Important Information About Professional Roof Inspection

Posted on June 19, 2017.

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If you have not had a professional roof inspection before, this is a maintenance task you want to consider. Your roof is critical for keeping your home safe and this housing component is responsible for approximately one-third of homeowners insurance claims. Professional roof installers in Columbia, MD can come out and conduct a thorough inspection.

Why a Professional Roof Inspect is Important

Having a professional come out and inspect your roof can alert you to problems that might require repair or replacement. When you have an inspection, it generally lasts for two to five years. However, issues like weather, your geographic location and type of roof will ultimately determine your inspection timeline. If you are trying to sell your home, you should have an inspection done even if you have had one completed in the last two to five years. You want an updated record of your roof condition when you put your home on the market. Professional roof installers in Columbia, MD will issue a certificate of inspection so you have proof it is current.

Which Roof Elements Are Inspected?

The inspector starts by checking your shingles or other roofing materials for damage. They will inspect flashing, gutters and other external structures. Your inspector will need to come inside your home to the uppermost floor to look at the interior aspect of your roof, as well as the ceilings. They are looking for issues, such as moisture, cracks and other problems that warrant repair.

Other Reasons to Get an Inspection

Outside of the regular timeframe, certain events might warrant an additional inspection. These include after a storm in which your roof sustained damage and after new roof installation to ensure it was done properly.

You now know why a roof inspection is important and other important information. If you are due for an inspection, reach out to reputable roof installers in Columbia, MD to get your inspection scheduled.