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How to Know When to Replace Your Roof

Posted on April 12, 2017.

Roof replacement Severna Park

Did you know that a weathered and damaged roof is not much better than no roof at all? So if you are thinkingabout replacing your roof but you have not made time to call the roofer, you may want to pick up the phone today. Here are some reasons that you should consider getting a roof replacement in Severna Park.

Severe Leaks

Leaky roof? It happens, especially during high precipitation seasons. However, an unattended leak can mean big problems for your roof, particularly if the leak is large. You may have to replace part of your roof if a leak is bad enough. After instances of inclement weather, be sure to check your roof for any signs of damage.


A lived-in house is bound to show wear and tear over the years, and a roof is not exempt. Even if you do not so much as lay a finger on your roof, it is still bound to decay from various environmental factors. When you move into a house, try to find out when the roof was last replaced. Professionals dealing with roof replacement in Severna Park should give you good advice on when to replace or renovate an aged roof.

Shingle Deficiency

If you see bare patches in the shingles on your roof, you may have a problem. A roof that is not able to keep shingles intact is not necessarily one that you can rely on to keep your house protected.


You want your house to be aesthetically pleasing. If your roof is not making your house look good for whatever reason (worn out, bad design, etc.), it may be time to replace it.

If you need roof replacement in Severna Park, there are plenty of professional roofers who will provide top-of-the-line restoration and repair to your home. If you have not made an appointment with a roofer yet, just be sure to regularly keep an eye on the integrity of your roof to avoid major damage.