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A Booming Business for Contractors in Ellicott City

Posted on September 20, 2016.

home improvement contractors Ellicott City

Ellicott City is a beautiful close-knit community that sits nestled between the cities of Baltimore and Columbia, two cities that are immensely different in size and scope. Recently, in the summer of 2016, a historic devastating flood tore through the area without warning on a typical Saturday night when people were out dining. People watched in shock, horror and awe as multiple vehicles, businesses and sometimes people were swept away in the course of an hour. At this juncture, any home improvement contractors in Ellicott City and roofing contractor in Columbia, MD are desperately needed and wanted in the area.

History of the Town

Ellicott City is one of the oldest communities in the Howard County Region and was established in 1772 by three Quaker family members originally form Pennsylvania who moved down to Baltimore County. The family also established Eklridge, Maryland. The city was originally a mill town, one of the largest on the east coast. Today, the town remains unincorporated and has vast history of outside companies coming in, setting up industries, then leaving the area.

Summer of 2016 Flood

Though the area is particularly prone to flooding, residents of Ellicott City saw nothing like the flood that occurred on July 30, 2016. On this Saturday night, residents of the city knew that a storm was coming. However, no one could have predicted the devastation that would occur in a matter of hours. The area had six inches of rainfall drop down on it in merely two hours. The result was a flash flood that kept people stranded for the majority of the night.

However, the rain did not dampen the citys spirit. Neighborly concern took over as people helped others who were caught in the rain. Today the community needs the help of home improvement contractors in Ellicott City, as well as roofing contractor in Columbia, MD to help rebuild those structures that were lost.