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3 Potentially Damaging Issues Your Roof Faces This Winter

Posted on January 06, 2017.

roofing Columbia MD

Roofs are meant to keep the elements from your home, and in a Maryland winter, that can be quite the chore. As a homeowner, it is important that you prepare for any damage that the winter storms and weather may do to your roof over the next few months. Knowing about the potential issues with roofing in Columbia, MD, can help you prepare mentally for the idea of repairs, and allow you to set aside the money it may take to correct any problems that need attention.

1. Ice Dam

When the warm air from your living areas rises and meets your roof, it can warm your shingles just enough to melt the snow. However, new snow can accumulate on top of the warm shingles, leaving a thin layer of snow over the melt. This moisture drips down to the edges of the roof, where it refreezes to create a dam of ice. Over time, more ice accumulates and allows water to seep in under the shingles, and eventually, into your home.

2. Icicles

Icicles are formed much like ice damming. However, the drips that create an ice dam slowly roll of the side of your home and accumulate there, growing larger and larger over time. They are not only dangerous for people who walk under them, they can cause significant damage to your shingles and gutters. Roof-top air leaks and insufficient insulation are often the cause.

3. Snow Loads

In Maryland, heavy snow loads can be a significant problem. Although it may look powdery and light, snow and ice can accumulate and weigh enough to cause your roof to collapse. This is largely an issue when roofing in Columbia, MD, is not properly designed or installed to allow for drainage. When left unchecked, the problem can lead to leaks, creaking and a sagging ceiling.

Winter can be hard on roofing in Columbia, MD. Each of these problems is significant and should be dealt with immediately by experienced roofing contractors in Ellicott City.